Geographer, i.e. phenomenologist of space.

Maximilian is post-doctoral researcher and project coordinator of Weather Reports: Wind as Media, Model, Experience. He recently completed his PhD in Geography at the University of Cambridge titled “Is climate real? A phenomenological approach to climate and its changes”. His current research focuses on the historical & cultural geography of meteorosensitivity and the phenomenology of (elemental) media. Email. Blog. GitHub.

Areas of specialisation

historical & cultural geography, phenomenology, media theory


PhD in Geography (2023)
University of Cambridge

MA in Philosophy (2017)
University of Freiburg

BA in Philosophy (2015)
University of Vienna

Select publications


“Sauerian phenomenology: German Theory and Carl Sauer's The Morphology of Landscape”, in: Geographica Helvetica.

“What is lost from climate change? Phenomenology at the ‘limits to adaptation’”, in: Geographica Helvetica (with Friederike Hartz).

“Sensing weather and climate: phenomenological and ethnographic approaches”, in: Environment and Planning F: Philosophy, Theory, Models, Methods and Practice (with Catharina Lüder). [Pre-print available here]

“Geography, influence on and by phenomenology”, in: Encyclopedia of Phenomenology (with Eden Kinkaid, forthcoming).


“Ephemeral climates: Plato's geographic myths and the phenomenological nature of climate and its changes”, in: Journal of Historical Geography.


“Entangled phenomenologies: Reassessing (post-)phenomenology’s promise for human geography”, in: Progress in Human Geography.

“Is climate real?”, in: The Philosopher.


“A Phenomenology of Weather and Qi”, in: Journal of Japanese Philosophy.

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Department of Arts and Media, University of Potsdam

MA European Media Studies (2023-) BA European Media Studies (2022-)

Department of Geography, University of Cambridge

MPhil Anthropocene Studies seminars (2020-22) Geography undergraduate supervisions (2019-2020)

Department of Philosophy, State University of New York at Stony Brook

Teaching assistant (2017-2018)

Presented at...

2023 ◌ Annual Conference of the German Society for Media Studies (Bonn) ◌ German Geographers' Congress (Frankfurt a.M.) ◌ Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) Annual International Conference (London) ◌ Virtual Conference “The Coronavirus Pandemic: An Environmental Humanities Perspective” (Vienna/Online) ◌ New Cultural Geography/Neue Kulturgeographie Conference (Halle) ◌ 2021 ◌ Doctoral Workshop of the German Society for Phenomenological Research (Jena) ◌ Annual Conference of the German Society for Media Studies (Innsbruck) ◌ 25. Congress of the German Philosophical Society (Nürnberg) ◌ Annual International Conference of the Royal Geographical Society (London) ◌ ASLE (Online) ◌ Uncommon Senses III (Montreal/Online) ◌ American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting (Online) ◌ 2019 ◌ Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association (Vancouver) ◌ German Geographers' Congress (Kiel) ◌ Atmospheres of Shared Emotion Workshop (Vienna) ◌ 2018 ◌ Warwick Continental Philosophy Conference (Warwick) ◌ Cultural Histories of Air and Illness Conference (Warwick) ◌ 2017 ◌ Graduate Conference of the Collegium Phaenomenologicum (Citta di Castello) ◌ 2016 ◌ European Network of Japanese Philosophy Conference (Brussels) ◌ East-West Philosophers’ Conference (Honolulu) ◌ 2015 ◌ Congress of the Austrian Philosophical Society (Innsbruck) ◌ Phenomenology and Health Conference (Oxford) ◌ 2013 ◌ Modern European Philosophy and its Politics Conference (London) ◌ XXIII. World Congress of Philosophy (Athens).